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Wow, I started going through some CodeIgniter and being a neat freak when it comes to the organization of code this makes things WAAAAY easier nicer to use.  However, it will take some time and practice to learn and get used to.

In other words, I can’t wait to put it to use on a real website.

More after the jump!

How about a little explanation.  Basically, CodeIgniter is a PHP framework that uses what is called a MVC or, Model-View-Controller method as a way of splitting up a web pages functionality into their respective categories. Models involve data and databases.  Views are the actual content, so usually the html.  Finally, the Contollers are used to combine the two in an organized manner that keeps them separate for the coder, but when the browser reads it, it’s all put together in a neat and organized way.


CodeIgniter is cool because it separates raw code and design/layout making it easier to debug, update content, and condense and simplify your website without sacrificing the functionality and power.




Note: There are some tutorials on the CodeIgniter website but I thought for you visual learners I would throw in a screencast series.  I have just been going through the User Guide and it does a very good job of doing both explaining and hands-on learning.


-The Phaze

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