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Dear media …die.

During my break at work today I was paging through a tabloid.  To be perfectly honest I didn’t want to, but I had nothing else to do.  All I saw was pictures and gossip.  I hate gossip, mainly because in the attempt to bash a celebrity for doing something stupid, the media is giving that celebrity what they really want: attention.

Another reason I almost burnt the thing was because there was a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger driving his son.  This was the caption: “Arnold drives his son.”  No destination, no reason…no joke.  I’m being completely serious.  There was a inserted picture of Zac Effron and another caption that said: “Arnold’s son looks just like Effron!”

Really?  Why not just fill this page with a pile of crap and say “Dear reader, if you have made it this far into this magazine then maybe you should take a look at what we REALLY just introduced to your brain.” </rant>

Maybe I just don’t understand how the media works, but I’m pretty sure they’re just zombies with make-up brainwashed into taking pictures and coming up with a steaming bowl of elephant piss as a story and sell it to make large amounts of $$$.

I think I’ll go with the latter.

-The Phaze

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